CND RescueRXx – Nail Repair Daily Keratin Treatment




Keratin protein, jojoba seed oil, sweet almond oil.


Why use it:

A main component of the natural nail, solubilized keratin proteins, are restored to help strengthen the nail plate for broken, split or weak nails. The natural ingredients acts as a barrier to increase penetration of other ingredients, deeply penetrating for excellent moisturizing, softening and conditioning.


How to use it:

Apply a layer of the serum on your nail plate twice daily. In 1 week your nails will feel thicker and surface patches less noticeable. In 4 weeks your nails will significantly reduce splitting, peeling and surface patches. Serum is clear on application and dries translucent matte.


Size: 3.7 ml

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CND RescueRXx

CND RescueRXx 3.7 mL, CND RescueRXx 15 mL